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Our Story

The Cincinnati Gospel Assembly Church began in November 1942.  The church was started at the corner of 14th & Central, close to Music Hall in a converted night club called the “Bucket of Blood”. 

In 1946, a church building at 2108 Vine Street was purchased.  In 1953, the church was left without a pastor so the church closed but there was a group of people still praying and traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana for services.  In 1955, Bro. Knox and Bro. Cohenour began holding service on Klotter Avenue.  For about six months, visiting ministers came to hold services and as the congregation grew, a larger facility was needed.

In October 1955, services were held on Savannah Street in North College Hill and Bro. Votter was installed as the new pastor.  In the summer of 1956, Bro. Pennington found the “Pretzel Factory” in Sedamsville; the building was purchased and converted into a church. During the ministry of Bro. Wilcox and his wife, an organ was purchased, a band and special singing groups were established.

In 1957 Bro. Shaw was installed as the pastor and many of the children received the Holy Spirit at the “Pretzel Factory”. Around this time Bro. Paul Lang took Bro. Jolly up to the observation deck of the Carew Tower in downtown Cincinnati. Bro. Jolly pointed out to the Northwest and prophesied “there will be strong work out there”.   (This is where we are currently located). 

By the fall of 1960, the church had outgrown the “Pretzel Factory”. A church building at 8222 Monon Avenue was purchased. The building sat next to railroad tracks and the old train station was converted into a parsonage. The Lord continued to bless the work.  Youth meetings were held; Vacation Bible School began, and a school bus was purchased to provide transportation to meetings.  God continued to add to the church, and it became evident that we would need to build a brand new church.  Bro. Sam Bush found 5.5 acres for sale on Pippin Road, one of the highest points in the area.  The Monon building was sold before the Pippin Road church was finished, so services were held at the Wyoming Masonic Temple for a year. The first service in the new church building was held on December 22, 1979.

From 1942 until today we have been having wonderful services in Cincinnati.  There have been some low times when the doors were closed but the saints of God never lost hope.  Today Bro. Elswick is leading us by following the Spirit.  We invite you to join our family, you will find people who love and care for God’s people.

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